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Frequently asked questions

Privacy statement

Digi.kansalliskirjasto.fi (hereinafter referred to as "Digi") is a presentation system for digitised material, developed and maintained by the National Library of Finland. Digi users can, for example, search for materials and mark, share, search for and use clippings of the digitised material.

Name of register

Personal data register of Digi users

Controller and contact information

National Library
The Centre for Preservation and Digitisation
Saimaankatu 6
50100 Mikkeli

Users can contact the controller by using Digi's feedback form. The controller's target response time for requests for contact concerning questions submitted via the feedback form is within seven working days.

Purpose of processing personal data

The purpose of processing personal data is to enable the management and monitoring of access rights and user IDs for the Digi service and the related compilation of statistics, as well as problem solving, customer service provision, and collection of log data. Users may browse through Digi without signing in, in which case only technical identification data of Digi use will be recorded. By logging in to the service, the user consents to the processing of personal data. Personal data may be used to identify users so as to provide them with individualised services, such as the marking of clippings and extended access rights to materials.

Information content of the register

The register contains (depending on the login service used) the following identification data on each registered person:

When a Haka ID is used for logging in, Digi processes the following data types:
Certain identification data (e.g. IP address) will be saved in the log data.

Data sources

Google, Facebook and Twitter user IDs can be used to register in the Digi service. Users can also log in to the service by using their Haka or Digiweb user IDs. When using a Google, Facebook, Twitter or Haka user ID, user data will be retrieved from these registers. With Digiweb, the data is obtained from the user or their representative upon applying for the user ID.

Regular destinations of disclosed information

As a rule, information is not disclosed or transferred outside the system. However, the National Library has the right to disclose information to the police or other relevant authorities for the purpose of resolving an information security incident or conducting a criminal investigation.

Protection of the register

Information is only stored in electronic format. Registration data is not classified as public information. Only named and identified members of maintenance staff can process this information for the purpose of performing their work or customer service tasks.

Duration of storage of personal data

User data will be stored in the service for at least 24 months after the user's last logon time.

Right of access

The user must contact the controller in order to view his/her collected personal data. The request must identify its target and the submitter must be able to present proof of right of access.

Rectification of incorrect information

Google, Facebook or Twitter users must rectify incorrect information in any data retrievable from these services in the relevant service. If the personal data retrievable from the home organisation of a Haka user contains incorrect information, the user must contact their home organisation.

Information about the service: The digital collections of the National Library

The digital collections of the National Library are freely available online, with the following restrictions:- the in-copyright material are available in:
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