Frequently asked questions

Until which year are the historical digitized newspapers available in this service?

All the digitized newspapers until 31.12.1929 are available via this web service. For the rest of the material you need to visit one of the legal deposit libraries in Finland. Do remember to check the opening times of the libraries, as there can be changes during public holidays and holiday season.

Are there any plans to digitize newer newspapers in the same way, for instance from the beginning of the 20th century up until now?

The copyright law restricts the online use of newer material. The law lays down that the material is free of copyright only when 70 years have passed since the authors death, and every writer of an article in a newspaper is regarded as an author.

Almost all the newspapers are in Swedish. When will newspapers in Finnish be available?

The majority of the newspapers in Finland were published in Swedish in the 19th century. All the newspapers published in either of the two official languages up to 1929 will be available online and the rest via the legal deposit libraries in Finland.

Why is the number of the issue missing from the upper corner of the newspaper in some cases, or has replaced with a zero?

Different systems have been used for numbering the issues of the papers. A zero usually means a sample issue.

Line breaks in the Article Index usually involve hyphen-ated words. Could this be helped?

The hyphens come from the typing of the Article Index and cannot be removed automatically because in that case words such as "Keski-Suomi" would be written as "KeskiSuomi". It would take a lot of work to correct hundreds of thousands of entries manually.

Is there an article index covering the material up to the end of the 19th century, for instance? I have found mentions of articles in Rauman Lehti in some searches, but I cannot find the articles themselves.

There is not any more comprehensive index available. A reference to a newspaper article serves as a functional link if the digital version already exists in the digital collection of the National Library of Finland.

Why aren't schools and the education system included as a subdirectory in the Article Index?

The index was compiled in the late 19th century and does not follow modern principles. We have no plans for updating or re-classifying it.

What does a "binding" mean?

It means one physical item of printed matter, e.g. an issue of a newspaper or periodical, an ephemeron or a book.

On what terms can the information in the digital collection be used or borrowed? May I use material from the Finnish Historical Newspaper Library to illustrate a research paper?

Material visible in public interface in the Digital Collections of the National Library of Finland Library is not subject to copyright. Images can be used, but we request citation back to this webservice, for example: National Library's Digital Collections, , titlename, original publishing date. Also if you use the material in research, please send us information via the Feedback-link.