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Quality of pictures found as result in the search

The quality of the pictures as result in search are inferior to those found as result in browsing.

Misspellings and other errors in writing

The text has been read with the OCR-programme, but there may still be misspellings and errors depending on the condition of the originals.

Fuzzy search

The searches are fuzzy searches, which means that the server programme also searches words that resemble the search terms. Because the word do no have to be correctly spelled this makes it possible to find words with e.g. old spelling. The hit list may thus also contain pages which are not at all related to the search terms, though the fuzzy search programme supposes it to be a relevant form of the word. If the hit list does not give a satisfactory result try an advanced search using search words suggested by the fuzzy search programme. Advanced searches also offer other useful functions for specifying and improving a search.

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